Other, Please Specify

Queer Methods in Sociology

Edited By: D’Lane Compton, Tey Meadow and Kristen Schilt

In a field that has only recently begun embracing queer methods and theory, this powerful and provocative collection showcases emerging and established sociologists of LGBTQ communities reflecting on their experiences as researchers and teachers. Located within the critical conversation of being “queer” and respectfully conducting research within the community, Other, Please Specify presents an array of experiences, insights, and approaches to a new generation of students and sociologists, revealing the power of investigations of the social world. With contributions from sociologists who have helped define queer studies in the field, this volume charts new directions in how to conduct sexuality research. Utilizing a range of interpretative and statistical methods, it offers methodological advice and practical strategies in research design and execution, all with the intent of getting queer research off the ground and building a collaborative community within this emerging subfield. 


ISBN: 0520289277
Publisher: The University of California Press
Date: July 2018